Trying ghee for the first time is like discovering delicious liquid.  You want to use it for everything (and we mean everything).  Made from clarified butter, ghee is a popular fat that is regularly used in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.  Unlike butter, all milk solids are removed from ghee, which means that ghee has a much higher smoke point and is shelf-stable.  Ghee has a distinct nutty taste that is just as at home in a pan as it is on a piece of good bread. 

Use Buffalo ghee to make delicious, flaky sweets.

We Indians do not need much education in this regard, but if the cost factor encourages you to turn to oil while making sweets, stop.  It’s worth spending a bit more and using ghee to make your halwas, sheeras, and burfies.

Stir some into steaming hot rice.

Rice always tastes better if you add hot ghee to it.  Or, grill jeera in ghee and pour it into rice to make quick jeera rice. 

Add a generous dollop over rotis and parathas.

If you’re skipping margarine on your Phulka to lose weight, you’re doing it wrong.  Adding a little buffalo ghee to the Phulka and roti may help.  Using ghee for roasting paratha is also better than oil. 

Make the tadka for dal with fragrant ghee.

Everyone will want a second serving of your simple dal if you make a savory tadka with ghee, mustard and cumin seeds, and curry leaves.  Pour over from the steaming heat for perfect finishing touch and a lingering aroma. 

Use Buffalo ghee for roasting pavs instead of butter.

If you run out of butter while making pav bhaji, use ghee to toast the pavs instead.  They could actually taste better and in any case, there is already enough butter in the bhaji.  In case you didn’t know, ghee scores over butter on several fronts.

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