A2 ghee is good for your face

A2 ghee is good for your face

For years, we have been practicing this furtive ritual almost every day with the most innocent intention of possessing that flawless facial glow that others would fawn over. But, are we close yet? Or, do we still have nightmares of a dry, dull, ageing face?

 If your answer is yes, it’s time to quit the chemical cosmetic care and switch to pure desi ghee, one of the oldest, natural, and fool-proof ways of obtaining a clear skin. Ghee for face has been a favourite of our ancestors for ages owing to its natural rejuvenating properties. Pure desi ghee was commonly used in homemade face packs to keep the facial skin supple and nourished. It has also proven useful to remove blemishes and skin irregularities.

 With the advent of advanced skin care products, we have forgotten the magical ghee benefits our forefathers used to preach and it’s time we pay heed and pick natural ghee for a naturally beautiful face.

 Why opt A2 ghee for the face?

 Glow, glow, and glow: Ghee naturally purifies the facial skin cells, retains moisture by seeping into the pores, revitalizes dull, cracked skin to give you that dream-like glow. A2 ghee contains natural healthy fats that keep the skin hydrated and nourish it.

 No more facial foes: Desi ghee is the best home remedy for facial scars, burn wounds, black spots, and dark circles. Regularly applying a2 ghee over the affected areas promotes rapid healing, prevents scar formation and lightens dark spots.

 Bye-bye wrinkles: A2 ghee also helps to minimize wrinkles around the lips and eyes. Regular facial massage with desi ghee before a hot shower nourishes the skin, repairs damaged skin cells and boosts collagen formation. Ghee also helps to moisturize dry chapped lips and smoothens them.

 Cure skin infections: Shudh ghee when applied over infected areas on the face, reduces inflammation and boosts the healing process by accelerating the repair of cells. Regular application of ghee clears the infection without leaving any marks.

How can you achieve a radiant look with a spoonful of A2 ghee?

 Mix one tbsp desi ghee, raw milk, and besan to a smooth paste and apply it on your face. Leave it on for fifteen minutes before washing. Repeat this at least once a week for excellent results.

Mix equal amounts of a2 ghee, raw milk, and masoor dal to a paste, and apply all over the face. Leave it on for twenty minutes before washing to reduce skin darkening and eliminate blemishes and spots.

 Apply a small amount of desi ghee every day and massage your face before going in for a shower. This routine will keep the face hydrated, glowing and fresh.

 You are just one step away from achieving that glowing radiance! Visit our website to order your jar hand-churned desi ghee, now!

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