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Are you trying to get rid of your fat? Switch to Shudh Desi Ghee for weight loss

Are you trying to get rid of your fat? Switch to Shudh Desi Ghee for weight loss

When trying to lose weight, most people tend to follow a fat-free diet.  While most forms of fat are bad, ghee is highly recommended.  Ayurveda has been using shudh desi ghee for thousands of years to cleanse the body of ama, which leads to diseases related to the heart and other vital organs.  In fact, the ancient science of Ayurveda states that ghee helps with weight loss.

Here’s why:

Ghee aids digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients. 

Adding 2-3 teaspoons of shudh Buffalo ghee in your daily diet can do wonders for fat loss.

Ghee prevents constipation and water retention by lubricating the large intestine. 

It also promotes easy bowel movements and eliminates ama from the body.

Buffalo ghee is known to ignite jatharagni, the digestive fire in the intestines. Therefore, an increase in digestive fire enhances metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn more fat.

In today’s world, fat loss is synonymous with starving your body, surviving on salads, and purifying juice. In reality, fast metabolism and good digestion lead to fat loss.  In Ayurvedic wisdom, ghee is a symbol of auspiciousness, nutrition, healing, and fat loss. Additionally, consuming sattvik foods like whole grains, vegetables, dal, chawal, and dahi provides adequate nutrition and promotes long-term fitness and fat loss. 

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