Badam Ka Halwa With Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee

Badam Ka Halwa With Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee

Badam ka halwa recipe, an Indian mithai with a soft, caramel-like texture.  Almond halwa slides down your throat and warms your soul! One of the all-time favorite Indian sweets, badam halwa is made for any occasion and sometimes for no reason!

Grandmas always advise their grandchildren to have a spoonful of this healthy Badam Ka Halwa every morning throughout winter, as it keeps the body warm.  This is a delicious morning ritual that no one wants to skip! 

This all-time favorite winter badam halwa is of course a little yummy, so you can’t have more than a few spoons at a time.  Don’t worry, you can safely store Indian almond halwa in the freezer and have a little bit every day, especially in winters. 

To prepare the badam ka halwa recipe, we soaked peeled and mixed almonds in a coarse mixture without using water or milk.  It is important to have the texture of ground almonds to have a grainy texture similar to that of semolina. 

So keep checking the blender while flashing and pause when the almonds are rough, not smooth. 

Cook the almonds in Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee until it emits a nutty aroma and changes color.  Additionally, we added wholemeal flour and cooked until almonds and atta are well toasted and followed by adding a mixture of water and milk.  Cook and keep stirring constantly.  We added the sugar, as the sugar dissolves, the badam halwa will become liquid again, so cook it again until it gets a little dry.  Add the saffron and cardamom powder.  The texture of the badam halwa is thick, not solid, so make sure you don’t overcook it.  Serve hot badam ka halwa garnished with almond flakes! 

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