Desi ghee during pregnancy: Know about its benefits and uses

Desi ghee during pregnancy: Know about its benefits and uses

From preventing minor illnesses to boosting immunity, ghee has been linked to tons of health benefits.  It is not only a home staple but also an integral part of Indian food.  It enhances the taste of food, and just a teaspoon of ghee can make it tastier and tastier when spreading with chapati.  Throughout the ages, ghee has also been linked to pregnancy and is said to reap many benefits for expected mothers.  Many people associate ghee with weight gain and cholesterol.  It’s a well-known fact that eating too much of everything is a bad thing, but when eaten in moderation, ghee is probably the best cooking oil you can get your hands on.

Ghee as a healer

The Charaka Samhita, an ancient secular Ayurvedic text says: “Of all the oils suitable for human consumption, ghee is the best to eat.”  It is also known as a “healing oil” in the West, which is enough to describe its benefits.  Many dieticians and nutritionists recommend ghee desi for everyday cooking over refined oil.  Especially for pregnant women, desi ghee is a magical ingredient.  Since time immemorial, pregnant women have consumed ghee for the overall improvement of their health. 

Tons of benefits

Desi ghee is a healthy form of fat that can help nourish the baby in the womb.  It not only tastes great but also gives the mother-to-be enough energy for the day.  From removing toxins to repairing damaged tissue, desi ghee also helps straighten the immune system.  Although ghee is said to help during childbirth by providing lubrication, there is no scientific confirmation of this.  Still, ghee has been used by generations together and has helped nourish healthy babies.

Usage of ghee

Pregnant women are said to need at least 200-300 extra calories than usual.  Ghee can help with those extra calories in the healthiest way possible. While ghee ladoos can satiate cravings during pregnancy, cooking ghee can add to the nutritional factor, and eating ghee during the last trimester is said to be the most beneficial. While you can safely eat 1-3 tablespoons of ghee during pregnancy, you should also consult your doctor or dietitian.

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