Desi Ghee – The Liquid Gold of India

Desi Ghee – The Liquid Gold of India

Desi Ghee, the indispensable flavor-packed flavoring of the South Indian culinary art, a category of clarified butter that originated from the Indian landmass. Contrary to the invention of butter, Desi Ghee was a well-thought-out invention to beat the shortage of refrigeration within the past times. Butter quickly becomes rancid at temperature whereas Desi Ghee is shelf-stable and thereby facilitates movability. 

If you have ever enjoyed associate authentic South meal, then you have in all probability eaten up Desi Ghee while not even realizing. Desi Ghee includes a made, nutty, robust buttery style and is employed to flavor and finished foods that may commonly need the employment of oils.

The term Desi Ghee comes from the Sanskrit word ‘ghrita’ ( the foundation word ‘ghr’ means that to embellish up / shine ) into Hindi ‘ghi’ and phonetically ‘Desi Ghee’. it’s referred to as ‘Nei’ in Tamil. ‘Nei’ refers to any solid or liquid fat.

Desi Ghee is Indian clarified butter made up of processed butter that’s heated over an amount of time separating the milk solids to supply a golden and clear fat. it’s thought-about additional saporous than animal fats, regular butter, or cooking oils once used for cookery. it’s a delicious ingredient to figure with, a fantastically odoriferous fat infused with the flavors of the brunette milk solids unfree in butter

Desi Ghee is revered on the far side of its preparation uses; the yellow substance is taken into account sacred. it’s wide employed in spiritual rituals and ancient Ayurvedic medication. Desi Ghee even is lamp fuel, particularly throughout the Diwali competition.

Desi Ghee Edges & Nutrition:

According to scriptures, Desi Ghee is rejuvenating and is taken into account as a natural upset for equalization the warmth within the body. Ghee is actually A GOLDEN ELIXIR.

It is one in every of the simply digested fats.

It is necessary for our immunity because it helps in riveting fat-soluble nutrients like calciferol, A, E & K.

Used in moderation, Desi Ghee is reportable to assist memory functions, ulcers, burn wounds, and even to slow cancer and bound diseases.

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Kimmus Kitchen’s Desi Ghee is partnered with almost every Indian meal because it reduces the glycaemic index of these meals. “Serve it hot with a spoonful of ghee” is how many Indian recipes conclude, conjuring up that familiar flavor and aroma of Kimmus Kitchens’s Pure Desi Ghee.

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    I have been trying for several days now to buy one bottle of 500ml ghee from your site but it always says out of stock. Just now too you sent me an email that stocks available but again it shows no stocks available. Think there is some problem in your website or you yourself are not aware of stock availability. It is just a waste of time trying to get one bottle. Better to buy from somewhere else.

    • harpreet
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      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately whenever we stock Ghee on our website the entire stock gets sold out in few hours. We are working hard to meet the demand and bridge the gap in our supply and production. Fresh stock is going to be on our website in a few days. Kindly reach out to [email protected] if you have any queries. Thanks!

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    I’ve tried and this is by far the best Ghee I have found in the market today. The quality is unmatched.

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