Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee Highlights

Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee Highlights

  • ALL-NATURAL, QUALITY FAT: We Indians believe that pure A2 Buffalo ghee may benefit in better Brain functioning and Memory improvement, in Heart strengthening, in increasing Bone density and strength, in improving Skin Glow, in managing Dark Circles, in Hair strengthening, in Digestion and Weight management, in Improving Vision, in slowing down the Ageing process.

  • Kimmu’s Kitchen Ghee Is Sugar-free, Gluten, Lactose -Free & Non-GMO, No additives & Growth Hormones.

  • Traditional Vedic Method of Bilona to Produce Desi Ghee: Milk-Curd-Churn Curd in Clay Pots-Extract Butter-Heat the Butter on low heat-Granulated cream white Buffalo Ghee is produced.

  • Kimmu’s Kitchen Buffalo A2 milk Desi Ghee Is Made Using Traditional Methods Of Heating & Removing All Casein & Lactose.

  • Naturally rich in Calcium & Mineral like Magnesium, Potassium & Phosphorus. Omega-3’s, CLA. Have less cholesterol & more fat so beneficial for healthy bones & teeth, Good for weight control Great Source of High Energy & Delicious Way To Nourish You & Your Family.

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