Popular dishes with A2 Buffalo ghee

Popular dishes with A2 Buffalo ghee

Beans on toast: Cook the beans as you always do, but replace the butter on the toast with ghee, and voila!  You now have a healthy, flavor-enhanced alternative to your daily breakfast by choosing pure A2 ghee.

Choco-chip Cookies: Surprised?  Don’t be.  All you need to do to prepare delicious cooking without the fatty components of generic butter is to replace it with ghee as you stir the batter.  The taste remains the same but you will be eating the healthiest cookies ever!  (That is if you don’t overdo it with chocolate). 

Sooji Halwa: A simple thought of this dish will make you feel like you’ve added a few pounds to your weight!  However, if you include ghee in this dish in limited proportions, you can be sure that your delicious halwa will be served with a dash of nutrition. 

Laccha Parathas: Who doesn’t love the taste of smooth, buttery parathas and naan bread?  By replacing butter with ghee, you can enjoy the same parathas in a healthier way.  Adding a thin layer of ghee to your paratha will enrich it not only in terms of flavor but nutrition as well.

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