The Right Way to Make Ghee from Malai at Home

The Right Way to Make Ghee from Malai at Home

According to Ayurveda, ghee is a food that offers numerous health benefits.  Looking at the scientific facts, we can see that ghee contains SCFA or short-chain fatty acids, which are one of the healthiest fats you can consume.  These fatty acids not only help burn unhealthy fat in your body but also promote overall heart and brain health. 

Best of all, you can make ghee in your home in just a few simple steps.  The best ghee has a sweet smell and white color.  So let’s look at the details of the method that Malai ghee is made at home. 


The first step is to boil the pure buffalo milk and collect the cream or malai that floats on top when it cools.  Continue to collect it every day in a separate container and keep it in the freezer until it is full. 

In the next step, heat the cream to an optimum temperature which is just right for adding enough dahi or curd. Mix the dahi well with the cream. Leave it overnight in a cool, dry place to allow the mixture to solidify.

Put this mixture in a large container and add some water.  Then it is churned up by a wooden hand cutter.  In the Indian tradition, a unique woodcutter called Mathani is used to make ghee from cream. 

In this process, the butter is separated from the cream. The butter is washed several times and used to prepare the ghee.

Ideally, a Kadai or a thick copper wok is used to melt the butter, then the liquid is heated over low heat. After a while, the ghee settles at the bottom of the kadhai. In due course, the classic aroma of ghee will also begin to come out. 

Finally, turn off the heat and let the margarine cool. The best quality ghee is white and has a grainy texture. If the consistency is waxy, the shortening is not well cooked.  If it turned brown, it was overcooked.

Keep in mind that the entire process of making ghee dal malai takes about 45 minutes. Pass the clarified butter through a sieve and store it in a glass container.


The best part about making ghee is the fact that not only is it the best choice as a high-functioning fat for your family, but it’s also great to pair with other foods. Since most traces of lactose and casein are removed from ghee during preparation, this is a good option for those with lactose or casein intolerance. Ghee is also rich in various fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, making it a perfect choice for a complete diet. 

Now that you know that making ghee at home is very simple, you can always include this super-food as a part of your daily diet.

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