Why is ghee beneficial for eye health?

Why is ghee beneficial for eye health?

Pure ghee is rich in Vitamin A and it is known for amazing lubricating power. One of the uses of ghee for eyes is maintaining the hydration level of eyes that ultimately prevents the problem of dry eye syndrome.

People who work long on computers or watch illuminated screens frequently, often suffer from dryness of tear glands. The moisturizing effect of pure ghee helps in retrieving the natural health and lubrication power of these lacrimal ducts enduring better eye health.

How to use ghee for an eye?

You will get to enjoy the benefits of brown butter for your eyes in two ways.  One is using the recommendation of Ayurveda for eyes and the second is adding moderate ghee in the diet. In both cases, you have to use the best quality 100% grass-fed milk made anhydrous fat for making the best of ghee benefits for eyes.

Ghee eye bath benefits: Ayurveda for eyes

In Ayurvedic treatment ghee eye bath is called Netra Tarpana. In this process, an eye-friendly natural oil is poured into the eyes and it is allowed to get absorbed by the eyes for a few minutes. Ghee is used as this natural oil and it offers few vital benefits:

The hydrating quality of ghee keeps lacrimal glands in the eye active and it reduces dry eye syndrome.

The cooling effect of ghee keeps the eye fresh and reduces the effect of fatigue due to long working hours.

However, it is always best to practice Ayurvedic eye treatment under a skilled Ayurvedic eye therapy expert.  Besides skill and expertise, the purity of the ghee used for eyes is a prerequisite, or else the treatment may harm your eye.

Ghee for eyes: Ghee in diet

You can use ghee in your diet easily. You can eat ghee raw, you can use it as a spread on toast. Alternatively, you can use this milk fat as your cooking oil instead of using common vegetable oils.  

Clarified butter made of buffalo milk offers a high smoke point, which is a reason ghee can be used for high-temperature cooking. Like baking and deep-frying.  You can use ghee in all types of cooking.

buffalo ghee can be included in the pregnancy diet. According to Ayurveda, the ghee diet in pregnancy helps in brain development and eyesight development.

It is always wise to use good quality buffalo ghee for your cooking or for your eye care. Application of brown butter as cream on under-eye-area reduces dark circle. Always look for 100% grass-fed buffalo ghee for your dietary use. 

The remedy of ghee for the eyes is not an overnight process. It may take some time to get results.

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