Why is the Desi ghee costlier than normal ghee?

Why is the Desi ghee costlier than normal ghee?

Pure Desi Ghee is the perfect blend of nutrients for your health and mental peace. The nutritional value of the desi ghee made specifically from Buffalo milk exceeds the benefits of any other ghee. Desi Ghee is completely organic, machine and chemical free. You can order pure desi ghee online at https://www.kimmuskitchen.com/

The ghee available in the market which costs around 600/lt – 700/lt is actually not from Curd Route in the first place and secondly the milk used in its preparation is a mixture of buffalo, goat and other HF & Foreign Breed Cows or any other animals. Thirdly the animals are Mostly not fed on organic green feed and are in maximum cases given Hormone Injections to increase milk production.

There are many brands in the market which are providing pure ghee online. One of the best pure ghee brands is https://www.kimmuskitchen.com/ which they are manufacturing in the most organic way. No doubt the pure word makes it pretty costly but it’s no way more precious than your health. This ghee is manufactured from the milk procured from grass-fed desi Buffalo. Fresh, raw, unprocessed milk is boiled and converted into curd, curd is then churned with wooden hand churner and makhan/butter obtained in the process is then separated, the separated butter is then boiled in a thick vessel on mild fire and finally what we get is the finest ghee which has numerous ayurvedic and medicinal properties. 

If you want to buy Buffalo ghee online directly from farms of village farmers. Please visit our website https://www.kimmuskitchen.com/ to purchase Desi Pure Buffalo Ghee online- 1 kg ghee price is Rs . 1099. Desi ghee is more costly than the ghee prepared with Commercial method where companies use machines and chemicals to prepare desi ghee. In Vedic ghee making process, we make ghee by the ayurvedic wooden churned method. Which makes pure ghee price little costly than the other ghee available in the market. You should only buy pure, authentic and verified desi ghee. That is more important than the brand. Kimmu’s Kitchen Desi Ghee backs all its products and processes with unconditional & upfront guarantee. Making it among the most confident concepts.

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