Why is the pure A2 ghee costlier than the regular ghee

Why is the pure A2 ghee costlier than the regular ghee

Let us perceive the importance of A2 ghee before we tend to perceive why it’s priced high.

Several pieces of research have terminated the health hazards related to HF cow A1 milk consumption attributable to A1 beta-casein gift within the milk, the report continues to prove that A1 milk and its constituent cause diseases like-kind one polygenic disorder, cancer, etc.

On the opposite hand, autochthonous buffaloes milk contains A2 beta-casein, which is sweet for health in varied ways in which (no marvel why our ancestors referred to as milk as Amruth)

Milk is milk and why is there’s a distinction in pricing? Don’t worry- we’ll de-code everything in an exceedingly minute.

A2 milk comes from Indian/African autochthonous buffaloes, which supplies two to six liters of milk per day supported the bread kind.

Now, since autochthonous buffalo provides less milk and considering its wealthy nourishing price, one cubic decimeter of milk is sold between 60-100 rupees within the Indian market. Secondly, the rationale for its high rating is additionally for the rationale that these buffaloes turn out less milk.

Now coming back to the purpose, allow us to perceive the price to arrange one metric weight unit of pure ghee in Bilona methodology.

Technically it takes twenty-two liters of milk to arrange one metric weight unit of pure A2 buffalo ghee. So, if you see it prices a manufacturer around 1600 rupees to arrange one metric weight unit of ghee.

The majority of brands sell ghee at 600 rupees per metric weight unit by labeling it pure ghee and these are the brands’ which pay crores of rupees for various certifications for selling it with a ‘PURE GHEE’ tag.

Anyways keeping the selling prices aside, although it’s milked from a buffalo or an HF buffalo- the price of getting ready ghee comes up to 1200 rupees considering twenty-five liters of milk, heating value, rent, labor, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.

Now, if you’re still inquisitive how? the solution is – it’s simply not ghee. Instead, it’s Vanaspati or dalada ghee made of edible fat that contains low nutrients and comes with plenty of unhealthy ingredients that are wont to build it smell and style like ghee.

These unethical practices within the market are cost accounting people’s health with the associated accumulated rate of heart attacks and blubber.

By the way, enigmatically the pure A2 ghee melts within the flesh at thirty-seven degrees uranologist against traditional blood heat of thirty-seven. 2 degrees. it’s attention-grabbing to check however nature has fine-tuned ghee for human consumption with no likelihood of sterol build-up compared to the debased ghee doesn’t soften simply and continues to store up in your body as unhealthy fat.

Research claims that A2 ghee advantages are immense:


In maintaining Mental & Physical Health
Healthy Hair and Skin
Healthy Vision
Anti-aging properties
Maintaining Bone Health
Overcome Weakness & Fatigue
Strengthening Immunity

Some of us are lucky enough to get Homemade ghee from our mother or grandparent each day… Double lucky you’re if you continue to have access to autochthonous buffalo milk to relish the delicious ghee and its granules.

Think again before buying ghee next time as a result of we are what we eat.

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